Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Jeff Schwilk-San Diego Bikini Boy

This is the leader of the minutemen in San Diego...

What is wrong with this picture?

This boy looks way too comfortable in a bathing suit...

I have held on to these far too long and it seems the time has come to spread the love...

Here is Jeff Schwilk in an old video showing his behavior...instigating violence on other leaders, many women, including his mistress.
His hatred for people is obvious here, although he has racked up some more psycho behavior since this was made...
Keep it up Jeffe boy...

There will be more coming soon...ENJOY!!!

Here is his bio...now does that look like a proud marine???

Jeff Schwilk was born and raised in Southern California (Orange County). He joined the Marine Corps right after high school and served 21 years as an Intelligence Specialist and Intelligence Chief in a variety of billets and locations around the world. He also served as a Security Manager for various senior commands and held a Top Secret Clearance for his entire career. He participated in the planning for both the Gulf War and the latest war in Iraq. Schwilk retired in 2003 from the 1st Marine Division G-2 where he served as the Intelligence Chief for three years. He retired as a Master Sergeant (E-8) and lives in Vista.

Schwilk joined the California Minutemen in May 2005 after hearing and reading about the growing immigration crisis in California and America. He participated in the first-ever border watch operation in California in July at Campo and spent 16 days with the other patriotic Americans of all races assisting the Border Patrol to guard the border. By the end of the operation, he had risen to the #2 position at CMM. Jeff helped plan and organize the next operation in Sep 05 in Jacumba. In October 2005, as CMM was winding down, Schwilk and fellow Minuteman Jeff Mundt decided to start their own local chapter to focus on interior immigration problems and political activism. And so the San Diego Minutemen group was born. SDMM did its first border operation with 7 patriots in mid-October 2005. Since then SDMM has expanded its membership to over 600 concerned citizens in San Diego County. Schwilk has been back to the border dozens of times to monitor the U.S. Government’s efforts to secure the border. Some fence building has occurred and the National Guard has helped the Border Patrol in guarding the border, however unchecked crossings and smuggling in San Diego County are still occurring daily. Large quantities of drugs and human cargo are still brought through the open border. Much work is yet to be done if we are ever to have true border security, a secure homeland, and a controlled, humane legal system of immigration.

In January 2006, SDMM focused its operations on the employers who hire illegal aliens and draw them here in the first place. Since then, Jeff and his group have been working tirelessly to shut down the illegal day labor sites in cities all over San Diego County. In April 06, they were able to shut down their first site, a large dirt lot in a residential neighborhood in Fallbrook where loitering day laborers were harassing school children nearby residents. Through rallies and deterrence operations, they have also greatly reduced the problems with a large site at a popular shopping center in Vista and also the large day labor site in east Oceanside. In June 06, Jeff and some brave patriots infiltrated Congressional candidate Francine Busby’s meeting with illegal aliens and caught her on tape saying those now famous words, “You don’t need papers for voting”. Five days later, after much media scrutiny, she was defeated by Brian Bilbray in the special election for the 50th District, who has since fought tirelessly on the illegal immigration issue.

Jeff works 7 days per week full time fighting against illegal immigration in the San Diego Region. He works with all law enforcement and politicians in the local area and assists on local political campaigns. Jeff is of German and Spanish descent. He worked 3 1/2 years in a car wash with hard working Mexicans in the early 80’s. His best friend in school was half Mexican. He speaks some Spanish and Korean.

Jeff considers himself a Constitutional Conservative, but politically moderate. He has been a registered Independent since 1992 and has supported and worked for candidates from all political parties who believe in the rule of law and a secure homeland free of unchecked illegal immigration.


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I Hate San Diego said...

Jeff Schwilk
I am a victim of an attempted framing tactic by the San Diego Police Dept (and others)who are involved in electronic surveillance on myself and the San Diego public and I need to expose this corruption that is going on here and the mass text messages about me that have gone out into the community for the past years slandering me trying to expose me to public harassment and retaliation by Firemen who are claiming I am slandering the city, for my reporting their and police corruption and the use of spy technology HAARP and the sex slave trade. I need your help if you have any information about this I can close this corrupt city down, but i need the text messages and information about the slander that has been circulated around the county about me being a criminal falsely and slandering this city and being a (said) serial killer which I am not and also the diabolical plan to stealy the make up off my face for a diaboloical plan to hopefully promote themselves and sodomize me by a man named Steve Martinez who is coming off as a god to the public for preforming said miracles and LYING wonders and decieving the community with lies about me misrepresenting me using what is called casting lots (signs).
I am a devote Christan and I am accused of anything but holy conduct in these messages. I ware a scarf,it is my religion and I am discribed as the most heinously ugliest women in the world which is false and slander by the San Diego PD and Fire Dept. Please help me expose these agencies and the Mayors office for their allowing this corruption to go on in this city. Or if you know any one who does. Thank you
Daphne at ExposeGovernmentCorruption@gmail.com

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Phil DeGrave said...

I wonder who would instigate such reactions with their own children in the room. With such psychotic behavior, I hope those kids are safe.

truthoriginator said...

There are many Jeffs in law enforcement. from shore to shore.
and many more in the fire departments.. They may go home to wives, but there secret desire is young boys.especially boy scouts...molay and shriner kids.
The freemasons teach it. It gives satanic energy to sodomize a 3 yr. old